Sunsof, Inc. has a fully equipped manufacturing facility with a highly efficient process that enables us to develop, manufacture, and assemble numerous types of handheld pie products. Our dough laminating technology allows us to manufacture products with multiple layers of dough-fat creating unique flaky textures and concepts, while also providing non-laminated dough offerings such as short crust products. Our production line provides the flexibility of producing various handheld pie shapes and sizes, as well as for the addition for different product coatings and toppings. Our automated production line includes a tunnel oven which enables us to offer numerous baking profiles, and our packaging capabilities include foodservice and retail presentations.


Research & Development

Our team is committed to continuously investing in Research & Development, ensuring we remain on the cutting edge within the industry, as well as driving constant and secure growth. We offer an onsite test bakery, staffed with experienced professionals that combine their expertise in the food industry with a high sense of commitment and confidentiality. Our test bakery team members have an excellent understanding of industrial lines and manufacturing equipment, raw materials, nutritional aspects, and portfolio of products.

We help customers by providing industry-specific solutions. Our R&D process begins by planning the appropriate response to our customer’s needs. Research, adapting to the market, creation of new products and the improvement of existing products and processes are our main objectives.


Food Safety & Quality Assurance

In terms of food safety, our operation is regulated by the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) for our meat and poultry-based products, by the FDA for non-meat products introduced in interstate commerce, and also by the Food Safety Division of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. In addition, our food safety management system is audited on an annual basis under the Safe Quality Food (SQF) program and we have successfully passed countless customer audits. This has also led us to achieve SQF certification by meeting the requirements outlined in the Food Manufacturing SQF Food Safety Code.

Our quality assurance management system is maintained by a proper balance between strong relationships with suppliers, trained personnel, state-of-the-art technology, process control, the implementation of continuous process improvements to operations, maintaining close contact with our customers, and above all, the expertise we have acquired after 20 years of experience making empanadas.

In summary, a mature and continually improved comprehensive food safety and quality assurance management system is what allows us to offer a safe and wholesome product, aligned with our customers' expectations and ensure we maintain competitive pricing through the most efficient processes.